PHEPR and California Children’s Services Collaborative

Mission of the Collaborative:
Develop educational materials that contain emergency preparedness information for medically fragile children and their families; provide a variety of educational presentations for this special population, service providers, and the community including participation in health fairs and community events throughout Riverside County, for the purpose of preparing children with special needs and their families for disasters.

Vision of the Collaborative:
The vision of the collaborative is to empower families of medically fragile children to develop emergency preparedness skills in order to be self-sustainable in emergency situations

  • Work collaboratively with California Children’s Services (CCS) and related agencies
  • Develop Emergency Preparedness information and educational materials
  • Participate in community events and health fairs
  • Include CCS and providers in the exercise planning process
  • Include children with special needs in exercises and drills

The Riverside County Department of Public Health will work to provide medical care, shelter, and other services to those injured or affected by a disaster or emergency.
Depending on the type of emergency or disaster, the County may not be able to assist you immediately and services may be limited.

The County will work at providing you and your family with information, medical supplies, shelter, food, water, and other needed resources as soon as possible.
Because of this, it is important that you be prepared to be self-sufficient for up to 2 weeks.  For more information, see presentation link.


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