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Countywide Hazmat Operations Group (CHOG)


The Countywide Hazmat Operations Group, or CHOG, is a collaborative effort that brings together multi-disciplinary agencies to enhance response capabilities to hazardous materials incidents.

The goals of CHOG are to:

  • Standardize equipment
  • Develop joint response procedures
  • Enhance training opportunities
  • Share resources
  • Test joint response capabilities

These goals are accomplished through joint meetings, trainings and exercises.  Four exercises are held throughout the year and include nearly 100 CHOG members and support agencies such as the Air National Guard, the FBI, water districts, the Coroner’s office and many more.

CHOG_x200Trainings have focused on a variety of hazmat-related topics as well as response to terrorist bombings, radiation emergencies, radiation dispersal devices and biological and chemical agents.

CHOG consists of the HazMat teams from CalFire, the cities of Hemet, Riverside and Corona; the Riverside Sheriff’s Hazardous Device Team (HDT); Environmental Health HazMat; the Riverside University Health System - Public Health; and the Emergency Management Department.

Since its inception in 2005, CHOG has fostered strong partnerships between emergency management, public health, environmental health, city/county hazmat teams and law enforcement.  These multi-disciplinary, multi-agency relationships demonstrate outstanding collaboration and have ultimately resulted in enhanced capability for responding to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and/or explosive device threats.

Funding is provided through the State Homeland Security Grant Program and is administered by the County of Riverside, Emergency Management Department.  CHOG has received funding since Homeland Security grant year 06.

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